If you are currently looking to rent a unit in one of our esteemed properties, gather the following documents together to make the application process easier.

My City Loft runs credit record checks on all prospective tenants as well as makes use of the TPN (Tenant Profile Network) to make sure that you as a potential future tenant can afford the rental. By checking your credit score, My City Loft will have access to the following information; no judgements, defaults, trace alerts or a poor credit scores for overdue payments.

TransUnion and other credit agencies allow all South African residents one free credit check per person per year. If you would like to check your own profile, go to www.transunion.co.za

As a possible tenant of My City Loft, you need to make sure that you can afford the rent. To calculate this, your gross salary needs to be three times the amount of the monthly rental. For example, if the rent is R3250.00 per month, you should earn at least R9750.00

Documents Required

  1. Tenant application form:
  2. Copy of ID or Passport (copy of work permit/residence)
  3. Three (3) months most recent bank statements
  4. Proof of income – Three (3) months’ payslips
  5. Proof of current residential address (not later than 3 months old)
  6. If employed for less than 3 months, the employment contract must be submitted.

Details Required

You will be required to complete a detailed application form with details such as:

  1. All your personal details
  2. Spouse/Partners details
  3. Current landlord details
  4. Current employment details
  5. Next of kin details

Application Process

My City Loft will:

  1. Obtain TPN/ITN report to ensure credit worthiness
  2. Check bank statements and payslip for affordability
  3. Confirm employment
  4. Obtain a reference from current landlord
  5. Confirm next of kin


The application process can take up to 24 hours. My City Loft will contact you to let you know whether your application was successful.